Another Exciting Shout-Out!

My apologies for the blog-neglect, dear readers. I’m a full-time college student and I’ve been swamped with both midterm and end-of-the-quarter schoolwork for the past couple of weeks. Consequently, I’ve been writing up a storm (and who knew this steadfast Seattle liberal had a ten-page essay on Ronald Reagan in him?). Unfortunately, it’s all dry, boring, wannabe-academic research papers that really have no place in front of human eyes, let alone on this blog.

But I did want to share this quick blurb about my recent guest post on The Everywhereist, which just got a very kind shout out on

This one is a joint effort of sorts. Dan Thies for writing article, and The Everywhereist for featuring it on her blog. Thanks to both. It’s a breath of fresh air to read the experiences of someone who doesn’t take safari too seriously – less time spent comparing binocular focal lengths with khaki clads, and more time taking obscured, and less than perfect wildlife photography. If it is any consolation Dan, I’d have said a giraffe too.

Please note its first-place ranking among their favorite blog posts of July (which, for all I know, merely denotes the order in which the piece was read, and has nothing to do with its “rank” on the list). Either way, not too shabby.

Thanks for the recognition, HostelBookers!

And thank you for your patience, readers. There’s plenty of fun stuff I’m dying to blog about. Just need to get through the rest of the quarter – only a couple more weeks to go!