School’s Out Forever

Big day for Little Bear, who’s been with me since kindergarten.

Hello, friends! Happy 2016, and welcome to the new, improved DANNED FOR LIFE! Let this serve as my inaugural post on (along with some highlights I’ve migrated from the old site), and even more excitingly, as my very first post as a college graduate!

That’s right, I’m DONE. School’s out FOREVER. After five-plus years of hard work, studying, and pitiful blog-neglect, I’ve finally earned that History degree I wouldn’t shut up about, and somehow managed to get the words “Magna Cum Laude” inscribed on my diploma. I know, right? All this, and I’m only in my mid-30s!

But don’t worry. I may be like a zillion times smarter now, but I won’t let it change me. I’ll still be that snarky, but soft-spoken know-it-all you’ve come to adore. And now, with all this free time on my hands, I expect you’ll be hearing quite a bit more from me. (That is, until I find a job. Which actually is my number-one priority right now, so … )

Stay tuned for what I promise will be a fresh, dazzling showcase of all the wit and wisdom bursting from this newly minted BA-brain of mine. You won’t be disappointed.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Mike has a Mrs. Robinson outfit to try on for our role-play night innocently watching The Graduate on Netflix night.