Yes, It’s That Simple: Tougher Gun Control Will Save Lives


Please stop telling me that gun control “won’t solve gun violence.”

Because no shit. I know it won’t. And I don’t know anyone who thinks it will.

But gun control works. It reduces gun deaths, and when done right, dramatically so. This isn’t speculation. It’s an empirical reality. Lives will be saved. Not all of them. But a hell of a lot.

In addressing the social ills that feed America’s gun-violence epidemic, access to guns should be low-hanging fruit. Good gun control makes it harder for the wrong people to get guns.

I realize strict gun control won’t zero out gun deaths in this country; I realize a determined-enough killer can find a way around the law. But “this won’t 100% eradicate the problem so why bother?” is a bad argument.

The harder it is to get a gun, the harder it is to kill someone with one.

We should want to make it harder.


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