What If … My Husband and His Bestie Made an Incredible Picture Book Together?


Romeo & Juliet; Simon & Garfunkel; Key & Peele

Batman & Robin; Woodward & Bernstein; Sonny & Cher

Laverne & Shirley; Bert & Ernie; Mac & Cheese

The pantheon of legendary duos is a little more crowded today, because today the incomparable Berger & Curato have blessed the world with their stunning new picture-book masterpiece, “What If …”

Sam and Mike, aside from being super-besties, are a bona fide kidlit dream team. Watching these two creative powerhouses collaborate has been truly awe-inspiring, and the product of their partnership – their gorgeous book about the power of imagination and the indomitable will to create – is in every way spectacular.

I’m so excited for you all to get your eyes on a copy of “What If …” You’ll be delighted. You’ll be moved. You’ll be wowed.

Happy book birthday to the fabulous, unstoppable duo of Berger & Curato. I am so proud of you both!!!



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