Calling MAGA’s Bullshit on Impeachment

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 7.58.52 AM
At least America will never go dark with all this gaslight.

A few points to remember while Team MAGA continues to gaslight America on impeachment:

The American people did not choose Trump; the Electoral College installed him.

Trump is a consistently, monumentally unpopular president whose approval ratings have never been above water.

The American people handed an overwhelming House majority to the Democrats, who campaigned on the promise to hold Trump accountable.

Impeachment is how the House has chosen to hold Trump accountable; it is their Constitutional prerogative.

A growing majority of Americans, while not yet convinced Trump should be removed from office, favor allowing the impeachment proceedings to move forward.

The GOP-controlled Senate will almost certainly vote to acquit Trump, no matter how demonstrably criminal, abusive, or unconstitutional his conduct has been.

In the unlikely event that Trump is removed from office, his hand-picked, duly elected* VP will assume the presidency—hardly an “overturning” of the 2016 election.

So, contrary to what Team Trump would have us believe, the impeachment proceedings are not some nefarious plot to undo the last election and subvert the public will. There’s no “coup” underway. The American people want Trump held accountable, and Congress is exercising its power—its duty—as a co-equal branch of government to do just that. It is legitimate, it is warranted, and these attempts to convince us otherwise are wild, flailing bullshit.


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