About the blog:

Like any guy who’s been a movie projectionist, barista, freelance writer, bank teller, office stiff, unemployed guy, college student, sweater folder, bookseller, and dog walker, my interests are many and varied. So with this blog I’ll be covering everything from my brilliant takes on hot political issues, to some tasty musings on my latest donut obsession. I write about books and music, about travel and city life, about cute puppies and Star Wars. Pretty much anything. (Probably not sports.)

About the blogger:

I grew up in Vermont, lived in Seattle for twelve years, Brooklyn for three, and now reside in the lovely city of Northampton, Massachusetts. I graduated from Hunter College with a degree in history. I’m the ninth-born of thirteen children. I’m left-handed. I play the piano (badly). I’m trying to teach myself the accordion. I can name every U.S. president. There is no episode of 30 Rock I haven’t seen at least a dozen times (also Sex and the City, not that I’d admit that here). I was once mock-charged by an annoyed elephant. I have never been skiing. I don’t like pumpkin pie.

And along the way, I somehow managed to convince this guy to marry me. I know. I’m one lucky a-hole.

Contact: danthies79@gmail.com







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