Kruger Time: My Guest Post for The Everywhereist

Is it bad form, when one has neglected his own blog for so long, to post a link to another blog he’s contributed to more recently?

Whatever. I’m gonna do it anyway.

I promised to write this guest post for my friend Geraldine’s far more distinguished travel blog about a zillion years ago. After no small amount of “gentle cajoling,” I finally got my act together and wrote this hopefully funny little piece.

In it I write about my November 2009 visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa. For this trip, I tagged along with my boyfriend Mike and his friends Julia and Allison, who were all traveling to visit their old college pal Jon.

For me, Kruger was the absolute highlight of the trip. In fact, it fulfilled my lifelong dream to someday travel to Africa and get my safari on. I’ll just say, the park did not disappoint.

Read all about it here. And enjoy!


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