Regina Spektor at the Paramount

Regina Live

I saw Regina Spektor in concert for the first time back in 2009 at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. Ever since, that performance has ranked high among my all-time favorite shows by a popular musician. I straight-up adore Regina Spektor, and if only I were heterosexual, and not madly in love with this guy, I would totally make it my life’s mission to woo and marry her. She is a delightful performer who seems genuinely delighted to be on stage. And, as you might imagine, girlfriend’s got some serious chops as a pianist, vocalist, and composer of music. There’s really nothing not to love about her.

The one thing missing from that otherwise outstanding show three years ago was Mike. Like so many things of entrancing beauty, I feel Miss Spektor’s music is best enjoyed in the company of one’s true love. (I know. Barf). I take full credit for eventually turning Mike on to her music, but at this early-ish point in our relationship, she had yet to take hold.

Fast-forward to last week, and we find Mr. Curato gleefully humming tunes like “On the Radio” and singing along with “Us” as he purchases our tickets to Regina’s latest show at the Paramount. He’d fallen for her at last, and was now coming with me to see her. Mission accomplished.

I’ll spare you a long, wordy review of the performance itself, except to say that Regina was as delightful as ever. She was in top musical form, and seemed to be truly enjoying herself and all the affection from her doting audience. She played every song I was hoping to hear (well, almost), and there were more that a few “I’m so happy to be here with the person I love” moments. (I know. More barf). And despite Mike’s being stuck behind a big-haired, busy-headed gal, and my being stuck next to an annoyingly fidgety tween, the view from our seats was terrific. We even spotted the lovely Kimya Dawson kickin’ it in the audience (the opening act had been the lead guitarist for the The Moldy Peaches), so that was big bonus thrill for us.

So yes, all in all, it had been a lovely and satisfying evening of music. I haven’t been much of a concert-goer lately, so it’s always a pleasure when the ones I do make it to prove to be truly worthwhile. And I feel particularly lucky to have such a willing and musically compatible partner in Mike. It really makes the experience that much sweeter.

Now, a video clip from Regina’s 2009 Seattle show. Enjoy!

Long-Weekend Productivity Fail

I am now in the waning hours of what was, for me, a five-day weekend. I did a lot of things with my free time. I got my hair cut, got lots of sun, attended a killer drag show, watched a few movies, took more than a few naps, did a bunch of grocery shopping, recovered from some kind of weird summertime flu, spent lots of quality time with Mike, and scored a couple of Regina Spektor tickets (!!!).

What I did not do is write five blog posts, which is how I had rather ambitiously (foolhardily?) planned to spend most of my free time. Not only did I not write anything new, but just now, I actually deleted the three existing draft-posts that I’d been “working on” for some time now (and which had gone stale in the process). So, instead of having produced a handful of witty and engaging vignettes from the Life of Dan, I’m concluding my extra-long weekend eight blog posts (not counting this one) in the hole. It doesn’t feel great.

I do feel like I have a couple of legitimate excuses for my five-day blogging fail. I had been sick for the first part of my weekend. Then the sun came out … A LOT. Plus, I don’t know if you read, but we landed a freakin’ school bus on Mars. (There must be some way I can blame that, right?) Also, quite honestly, I’ve been feeling a lack of blog-spiration lately. I’m afraid my life just hasn’t been all that interesting or blog-post worthy these days. I’m sorry, but you can’t force these things.

Now, I don’t mean to be all Danny Downer here. Sure, I’m disappointed by my counter-productivity, and I know it’s my own fault. But I also know I’ll snap out of this little rut soon. And I’m certain that my current state of slacker-shame will melt away the very moment I click “publish” on my next great blog post.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna let Regina cheer me up. Enjoy!