Long-Weekend Productivity Fail

I am now in the waning hours of what was, for me, a five-day weekend. I did a lot of things with my free time. I got my hair cut, got lots of sun, attended a killer drag show, watched a few movies, took more than a few naps, did a bunch of grocery shopping, recovered from some kind of weird summertime flu, spent lots of quality time with Mike, and scored a couple of Regina Spektor tickets (!!!).

What I did not do is write five blog posts, which is how I had rather ambitiously (foolhardily?) planned to spend most of my free time. Not only did I not write anything new, but just now, I actually deleted the three existing draft-posts that I’d been “working on” for some time now (and which had gone stale in the process). So, instead of having produced a handful of witty and engaging vignettes from the Life of Dan, I’m concluding my extra-long weekend eight blog posts (not counting this one) in the hole. It doesn’t feel great.

I do feel like I have a couple of legitimate excuses for my five-day blogging fail. I had been sick for the first part of my weekend. Then the sun came out … A LOT. Plus, I don’t know if you read, but we landed a freakin’ school bus on Mars. (There must be some way I can blame that, right?) Also, quite honestly, I’ve been feeling a lack of blog-spiration lately. I’m afraid my life just hasn’t been all that interesting or blog-post worthy these days. I’m sorry, but you can’t force these things.

Now, I don’t mean to be all Danny Downer here. Sure, I’m disappointed by my counter-productivity, and I know it’s my own fault. But I also know I’ll snap out of this little rut soon. And I’m certain that my current state of slacker-shame will melt away the very moment I click “publish” on my next great blog post.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna let Regina cheer me up. Enjoy!


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